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Client Management

CRM that logs activity for you.

Make calls, send texts, drop voicemails, send emails, create proposals, organize follow-ups, Clixoni simplifies everything to grow your business in {{city}, }.


Turn your sales team into marketers.

Let your sales reps take matters in their own hands. Save time with bulk actions such as Email, SMS, and Voicemail, while getting real time access to engagement for more effecient follow-up.

Collaborate with team members.

Setup shared workspaces with user roles or individual team members to collaborate with your leads and accounts. Give visibility into activity from inside reps, outside reps and management.


Voice that works crystal clear.

Built off the backbone of enterprise grade voice infrastructure, your sales reps will not have any excuses to hit their numbers. Whether you decide to use our in-browser phone system, softphone or desktop ip phone, calls from your Clixoni lines just work, every time.


Setup multiple VoIP lines to use within all your workspaces that have voicemail, call transfer and unlimited minutes per line.

Configure IVR phone trees to route calls to the right sales reps.

Track your bulk inbound and separate your offline efforts with call forwarding lines that forward voice and SMS to any number.


Simplify daily calling with call queues.

Quickly filter and segment your calling lists for the day and add them to a queue. Apply smart filter views for even faster call queue creation and get more calls done.

Put a label on everything.

Create labels and assign as many labels to assets as you like. Filter or setup automation based on labels, and sift through your data faster. You can apply labels to leads, tasks, import lists, and much more.


File repository for every lead.

Attach unlimited files to each lead to have all your related digital assets right where you need them, with your data. Shared workspaces enables team members to access all files and activity within the leads view.


Create more opportunities.

Manage your potential closed business with customizable pipelines so you never miss an opportunity. Attach a proposal to any opportunity and create urgency for your prospects to accept and close themselves.

Add your data your way.

Create the fields you want to track and manage your data for your leads and accounts. Add your custom pipeline values and lead status to ensure every record is recorded the way you want it.