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Marketing Automation

Simple. Marketing. Automation.

Clixoni provides everything marketers and agencies need to generate more qualified leads for their sales teams.


Create effective email marketing campaigns.

Create powerful and engaging email campaigns to strengthen your brand and fuel your sales team with consistent qualified leads. Easily segment engaged leads from your list and quickly push over to sales directly within Clixoni.

Launch SMS broadcasts.

Get in front of your audience where 93% will read your messages. Clixoni has built in SMS broadcasting so you can increase your reach in a matter of minutes.


Deploy voicemail drops.

Generate inbound calls for your sales teams by dropping voicemails across your segmented lead lists. Your leads see a missed call and voicemail without ever disrupting them with a ring.

Marketing tools for seamless lead flow.

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Create dynamic lead gen forms to use on internal or external websites.

Embed our pixel and scrape data from any external form.

Install tracking pixels to get real time activity across your sites and leads.


Cadences do the work for you.

Create automated sequences that trigger email, SMS, voicemail and scheduled calls. Apply cadences to any of your lead generation forms or data pixels and activate them based on list load, form submission or manually entry.

Reusable marketing campaigns.

No need to create a new campaign for your weekly newsletter. Simply change the subject line, update the email and reschedule. Clixoni will track the history of each send and provide all the stats for each such as opens, clicks and conversions.


Social scheduling & content curation.

Schedule social posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to unlimited accounts. Pull content from relevant blog feeds and schedule posts on autopilot.