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Portal Customization

Unified Client Portal with unlimited possibilities.

Clixoni offers an extremely powerful and customizable portal for your clients, partners and team, white labeled to your brand.


Onboard clients and partners with ease.

With role-based onboarding forms, you can create unlimited groupings of clients, partners and team members. Automate their onboarding by collecting as much or as little data as you want.

Turn it on, turn it off.

Every view within the portal can be turned on and off based on each role group you setup. Workspaces, assets, docs, projects and more are segmented by the same roles.


Complete customization to your brand.

Clixoni is compared to a blank canvas with endless possibilities. You have full control to customize the look and feel of the entire platform. There is white label, then there is Clixoni white label which every line of code is branded to your agency or brand.

Create custom profile tags that can be used to personalize sites.

Create unlimited membership pages and segment based on user roles.

Create custom profile tags that can be used to personalize your portal.


Train your staff, clients and partners with courses.

Create unlimited courses and segment them based on user role group. Create assessments of the content created to ensure your clients, partners and staff are understanding your content.

Client dashboards.

Show your clients a dashboard of all your efforts. We track website traffic, calls, lead submissions, SERP rankings, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, social activity, PPC, clients projects and much more. Give your clients full or limited visibility.


Branded portals for clients and partners.

Not only can you customize your portal with your brand, but you can create the same exact branding options for your clients who need portals for their own business. The hierarchy of branded portals is infinite when you are on an unlimited plan.

Asset Manager for all your client files.

Clixoni is built on enterprise grade hosting with Amazon Web Services with backups of backups. Your files are safe with us and you can host your client files with a simple folder drag.


SSL portal branded domains.

Add your portal domain to Clixoni with a few clicks and install SSL on autopilot. Apply unlimited portal domains for all your clients and partners.