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Our Commitment to Security

At Clixoni, we prioritize the security of your data, recognizing its paramount importance to our valued customers. Our commitment to maintaining your trust is unwavering, and to ensure your peace of mind, we strive for transparency in our data management practices.

Secure Hosting Infrastructure

Clixoni proudly partners with industry-leading hosting providers to establish a robust and redundant hosting infrastructure. Our data is securely hosted,, we maintain the same commitment to frequent automated backups and up-to-the-minute recovery options where feasible.

Data Redundancy and Compliance

We store backups redundantly, regularly testing recovery processes to minimize data loss and downtime in the face of a large-scale disaster. Committed to data minimization, we ensure only necessary information is collected, and its management is easily navigable through our user-friendly Dashboard upon login. Our partnerships with industry leaders with stellar security practices further enhance our commitment to compliance.

State-of-the-Art Encryption

Clixoni employs the most advanced publicly available encryption technology to secure data. Whether at rest or in transit, including on payment pages, and in and out of our hosting infrastructure, all data is meticulously encrypted, ensuring its confidentiality and integrity.

Rigorous Security Practices

Access to customer data is restricted to a limited number of trusted, qualified staff at Clixoni, with multiple protective measures in place to safeguard production servers. Any access, such as during a support call, is granted only with explicit permission from the customer.

Continuous Vigilance and Advancements

Partnering with third-party testing companies, we continuously monitor our security infrastructure for vulnerabilities and promptly implement fixes. Remaining vigilant to emerging threats, we closely monitor developments in the infrastructure sector to address vulnerabilities rapidly.

Stringent Hiring and Training

Clixoni hires individuals with exceptional track records and references, and extensive internal and external training opportunities are provided to our developers to enhance their skills and security awareness.

Trusted Vendor Partnerships

We collaborate with carefully vetted vendors to supplement our infrastructure, ensuring that they adhere to robust security procedures.

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