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CMS built by designers for agencies

Build websites, landing pages, funnels, templates and blogs on a framework designed to turn your work into reusable assets.


Turn your assets into reusable templates.

Create templates that you can use for faster implementations, agent or franchise sites, near me lead gen sites, sales channels, and any use case where you need fast replication and quick personalization. Deploy thousands of sites in a matter of minutes.

Deploy lead gen networks.

Deploy thousands of hyper local lead gen sites across all your local markets in a matter of minutes. Dynamic variables allow you to personalize content across thousands of sites.


Dynamic personalization on steroids.

Whether you have a network of sales reps, agent-based organization, channel partners, lead gen territories, niche web design projects or a need to templatize your design efforts, Clixoni’s CMS has endless possibilities to build and execute thousands of digital properties online.

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Create custom profile tags that can be used to personalize sites.

Create custom tags at the site level for easy customization of assets.

Create global blocks that update across all assets they exist on.

Parent and Child content management.

Deploy changes to your parent website and all your child sites connected will be updated in places that have not been customized or altered. This is powerful as you evolve your digital network and need to update all your sites at once.


Designer friendly no code builder.

Starting from an existing theme or import your own, non technical resources can build high quality, responsive sites without all the heavy, injected code that comes with most online website builders. Build and manage fast loading, high ranking websites with ease.

Complete code access.

Advanced designers love this level of control. Clixoni’s CMS lacks all the bloated code that comes with typical SaaS builders and with full control of the code, designers can ensure their code is uniform and clean.


Asset Manager for all your website files.

Clixoni is built on enterprise grade hosting with Amazon Web Services with backups of backups. Your files are safe with us and you can host your website files with a simple folder drag.

Blogging platform & syndication.

Push blog content to a single website or thousands of websites, dynamically personalizing content. Our blogging platform includes all the features for you to post and manage your blog content.


Bring your own sites.

Easily import any website directly into Clixoni’s CMS with a few simple steps. We have made our CMS to be as friendly as possible for bringing your own sites into our platform.

SSL domains with ease.

Add your domains to Clixoni with a few clicks and install SSL on autopilot. Apply unlimited domains and subdomains to your websites, landing pages, funnels, and blogs.